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08 Mart 2017 ( 52 izlenme )

Wikileaks The 6 biggest spying secrets revealed by the release!!!

WikiLeaks has released the largest number of files that they have named "Year Zero" and which are up to the secrets of CIA espionage.

More than 8,000 pages of documents have been published, including documents of intelligence agencies and a series of hacking secrets that do not shame the US government, but also undermine spying efforts around the world.

There are six of the greatest secrets and pieces of information here that will not come out of the big dumps yet.

1) Android and iPhone handhelds and all kinds of computers

The US intelligence agency is in a concerted effort to write a variety of malware to spy on almost every electronic equipment people use. This includes computers with iPhone, Android and Windows, MacOS and Linux infrastructure.

If this software is as powerful as WikiLeaks claims, it will remotely control those devices and turn them on and off. Once done, a lot of data was made available, including where the users are, the messages they send, and possibly everything heard by the microphone or seen by the camera.

2) Doing so will make applications such as Signal, Telegraph and WhatsApp completely unsafe system

Encrypted messaging applications are only trusted between devices; If the operating system becomes compromised, the messages can be read before being encrypted and sent to the other user. WikiLeaks claims that this is happening, potentially indicating that the messages are still captured, even though all the usual fairness measures have been taken.

3) Can use Smart TVs to listen to the conversations around

One of the most eye-catching programs mentioned in detail in the documents is the "Weeping Angel." This allows the intelligence agencies to install special software that allows TVs to be converted into listening devices - so even if the devices are turned off, they can still be turned on.

This is just one of the technologies created by the Embedded Devices Division, the CIA division at the center of the majority of new information leaks.

4) The Agency investigated the hacking and collapsing of cars and allowed 'almost unexplored assassinations'

Many of the documents refer to vehicles with dangerous and unknown uses. For example, a file indicates that the CIA is looking for ways to remotely control all cars.

"The purpose of this control was not mentioned, but it would allow the CIA to engage in almost unexplored assassinations," WikiLeaks notes, noting an unspecified speculation.

5) The CIA hid security vulnerabilities that could be used by hackers from other countries or governments.

WikiLeaks claims that the source of the intelligence agencies is delivering documents in order to trigger the debate about the power and how this information can be extracted. Perhaps it is the accusation of "hiding" the exploits found by the central CIA - making them safe as they promise to deliver them to companies that can fix it, and thus to users.

Such errors are found in the largest consumer electronics in the world, including phones and computers made by Apple, Google and Microsoft. The documents kept these companies out of their chances of correcting these exploits because the agency kept them secret to keep using them.

"Severe security vulnerabilities not disclosed to producers constitute a large part of the critical infrastructure at risk for cybercriminals who independently discovered or heard the rumors of foreign intelligence or security," a wikiLeaks report said. "If the CIA discovers such exploits, others can find it".

WikiLeaks said that these uncorrected exploits affect everyone who uses the equipment, including "US Cabinet, Congress, senior CEOs, system administrators, security officers and engineers."

6) More information is coming

The documents have still not been looked through entirely. There are 8,378 pages of files, some of which have already been analysed but many of which hasn't.

And that's not to mention the other sets of documents that are coming. The "Year Zero" leaks are just the first in a series of "Vault 7" dumps, Julian Assange said.

When taken together, those "Vault 7" leaks will make up the biggest intelligence publication in history, WikiLeaks claimed.

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